Monday, January 25, 2016

Games at Spartacon 2016

I didn't take my usual round of photos but I did manage to snap some shots of a couple of games. One that was so pretty I was sad that the sign-up was full, another that wasn't scheduled but I was lucky enough to get into by happenstance and was every bit as good looking, but in a different way

Click on the pictures to get the full effect of how well done these figures and models are, don't waste time fiddling with your phone, get to a real computer with a big Hi Def monitor, it is worth it!

I managed to lose the bit of paper that I had written all the game-master info down on so please forgive me for not telling you who is responsible for this feast for the eyes

the models were superbly painted and based,
 I confess that I am envious of such skill and energy!

the scale of the game was simply staggering as well!

but it wasn't a case of impressing by scale alone, 
every single bit of terrain and every model were painstakingly painted, detailed and weathered

even the infantry were a delight to look at

the amount of meticulous preparation was evident as soon as I looked at the table

and the meticulous detail of the models embarrassed my humble efforts

remember this is in 1/100 scale

the number of models was astounding

2lbr guns and portees

the Italian Semoventes, lots of them!

the AutoSaharianas very well done indeed

then there was the game I ended up playing in, I have seen these models before and was amazed by the level of detail that had been added to the (less than impressive) Houston's Ship's  Russo-Japanese War , I have some of these models and they remain in the package as they did not seem worth the effort, apparently if you know what you are doing (or are willing to do a LOT of extra work) they turn out to be lovely models

again I am at a loss to name the fine gentleman that turned up out of the blue (pun intended) with this gloriously good looking game as I had jotted down his information on the same (now gone astray) sheet of paper, needless to say he is a grand fellow and a master craftsman as well

the look of a Pre-Dreadnought just tickles my fancy!

the rules played well, my dice rolled abominably 

the Japanese forces looked every bit as good

en-masse they were quite a spectacle

it is a fine thing to watch fleets maneuver

the Russians objective was to get past the Japanese and off the far end of the table

we were not successful at this

as the Japanese gunnery (and dice) were so much better than ours

oh, and we turned away from the objective

accurate Japanese fire punished out squadrons

and sent many a brave Ivan to a cold and watery grave

but through some good luck, and by concentrating all our fire 
we did achieve something the real Russian Navy did not....

we sunk a Japanese capital ship!

          My apologies to the hard-working and talented game-masters for losing the information and thus not being able to credit them for their Herculean labors. I am sure somebody out there has the great good fortune to play with them and enjoy these beautiful models so please credit them in the comments section below.

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