Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A misspent afternoon.......

The other day I wasn't really feeling like doing anything productive so I spent a few hours assembling plastic figures for my next Big Project, the Lace Wars. I hope they are as easy to paint as they were to build! The biggest obstacle was avoiding the urge to customize every figure (the kits provide so many options that it is silly!) One box of cavalry and three boxes of guns, just three more boxes of guns, six more boxes of cavalry and eight boxes of infantry and I can start painting!

the small mounted unit is the officers that come with the artillery set,
I will use them for my command officers


  1. Doesnt look very misspent to me!

  2. In Anton's case it is more of a misspent youth, than an afternoon, but that is an amazing amount of production.

    1. Hey! Since I started wargaming I have never been brought home by the was a common enough occurrence beforehand!