Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Upcoming RPG Stuff

Hey, y'all. Been a while, but boredom is a wonderful motivator and frankly I don't want to bother people all through email about this. Given most of us comment on the blog, I'll put this here.

So, first off, as a reminder: May 14th will be our D&D date. I put this in email already, but I'd like to start earlier at 5 PM. This way we could play and not only get done earlier, but if we could concievably do some shorter "clean-up" sessions with less combat and take care of them quickly enough to have a regular game afterwards. I'd also like to see if we can get start getting more games in during the summer, and perhaps starting earlier would allow us to play more often. Talk about it in the comments below.
One day, guys, one day...
Next up are other games. Next Saturday (April 23rd), I'm going to be running a Star Wars gaming using the FFG system. I intended to do an Edge of the Empire game (Smuggler/Criminal type stuff), though I do have a commando game in mind if people want to try something from the Rebellion's standpoint. Also, for people who intend to come (or even those who might make it), toss me a character idea to make or contact me so I can give you the books to make your own character. Feel free to put them in the comments, though understand that no everyone can be Mal from Firefly, so you might want to put a few backup ideas in there.

"Would you believe me if I said this isn't my ship and I just found it loaded with spice?"
In the future, I'd like to try running some other games, both likely to be in GURPS. The first would be Delta Green, a conspiracy game. Characters would generally be government employees (federal or state), trending towards the enforcement side of things. Another game which wouldn't be particularly miniatures-focused, though given what I'm getting with Bones 3 and how many figures would actually need to be on the board, it probably wouldn't be too much trouble or time to get some. Just need some appropriately-scaled cars and it's all good.

"Don't worry, we have everything under control..."
The other would be a Weird West-style game, with some elements of the Deadlands universe, but just the Deadlands universe. We have the figures and a decent amount of buildings, and I have papercraft stuff that Honest Dan got to possibly fill out the interiors (as soon as I can figure out how to put them together in a way that doesn't glue my hands to the table). But something with magic, monsters, cold steel, hot lead and plenty of steam.

Rules for Stud Poker have some really interesting subsections...
And that's all I have. If you have anything to bring up, do so in the comments section so we can talk about it there. Thanks!

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