Thursday, April 12, 2018

A visit to Menards

     Home Improvement and Builder's supply places are one of my favorite locations to find unusual accessories for wargaming. A while back I discovered Eco-Rug which makes a great table surface and I had some fun playing with that. A recent trip to Menards ( a Big-box home improvement store rapidly spreading across the upper Midwest of the USA) saw me finding several items of interest.

this delightfully textured square of high density polystyrene is intended as a base for air-conditioning condensers, to me it looked like a great base to fight the newly popular mirco-skirmish games (Frostgrave et al) on, in real,life it is a darker gray

and it is 24"x24" for only $14.97US
(plus it is nearly indestructible) 

right next to that I saw these huge (in wargaming terms) rocks 
made of the same tough plastic they tower up to 30" high and come already colored 
they are stackable as well! Prices run up to $60.00US

I think I need one or two....

then I spotted this  
64 square feet of plowed fields!

excuse me, indoor-outdoor carpeting 

but to me it looks like 64sq. ft. of farm fields for about 25 cents a foot!

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