Sunday, April 8, 2018

Some Paint on my Post-Roman Britons

     Having returned from vacation I spent a few hours getting a splash of paint on the Gripping Beast Late Roman Infantry. Slow going but they are turning out fairly well.

the white tunics are a relief from the Imperial red

shield decals are probably a must, 
I don't fancy the idea of painting identical patterns on all of those shields

at 20% archers I think the box is top-heavy in bow armed troops, 
I am working on modifying some of them into javelin-armed skirmishers


  1. Nice figures Anton. Hope you had a relaxing vacation.

  2. Nice, are you going to use the shield transfers from Little Bigmen? Make sure, if you do, to get the ones meant for the plastics, and not metals because the hole alignment is off otherwise.


  3. Ok, thanks for the heads-up on that