Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Painted minis and models for sale

     My long-time friend, Tom from Texas, recently made a couple of large purchases of collections to get certain figures into his own collection. The problem being there is a very significant number of figures and models that are excess to his needs. To avoid hauling this mass of things around to Conventions trying to sell them he has set up an Ebay store and a blog to pass along the extra figures. All of the items are complete and well-painted, and he is offering them at prices at or below the cost of the miniature.

         You will see him in my blogroll as The WargamesAlchemist

         The Ebay store can be found here

         He assures me that new items will be added daily so keep an eye out for that certain something to add to your toy collection.


  1. Thanks for this Anton. What fun!!

  2. Damn I need to setup an Ebay store. Lots of crap to sell.

  3. We were promised new stuff daily... Greeks and tanks, tanks and Greeks for almost a week now. Where is the good stuff?

  4. Patience, my friend

    There are some 15mm Napoleonics in the pipe as well as 15mm Seven Years War......are you looking for something particular? If Tom has it I can get him to push that to the front of the line

  5. No, nothing specific. Just always looking! Thanks though.