Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Half a Million hits...a pause for thought

500,000+     Well, my, my, thank you all!
     Little did I know when I started this blog back in December of 2010 that it would;
          A.   Last anywhere this long
          B.   Ever garner a half a million hits
          C.   Gain readers on every habitable continent

     Frankly I am a bit surprised at this success, and heartened by all the positive feedback that my ill-organized ramblings have provided. I thank all of my readers, and particularly all the kind souls who have provided advice, encouragement and honest appraisals of my work.

     Having noticed the milestone it gave me a thought to look back over the last eight years and see what has been popular, what hasn't and what I could do better. Blogger provides some (very) limited data resources but, as I haven't bothered to keep track, their data will have to do.

      Most Popular Post;
           In the last month; Blue Board Sabot Bases
           Over all time;       More Silliness with Blue Board   

    It struck me as odd that a off-the-top-of-my-head post about an Ork temple would be the most popular post. but then I noticed that the top five of the all time most popular posts were terrain articles, to wit;
         More Silliness with Blue Board
         Still More Silliness with Blue Board
         Blue Board Sabot Bases
         D.I.Y. Game Mats
         To The Blue Foam Beyond
     Now, I understand that a good few of these are from people linking to that page as an entry point to my blog instead of going to the homepage and linking from there (I have done the same thing myself with other blogs) but I do find it funny that the post that motivated them to link to my blog was one that stemmed from one of my rather mundane D.I.Y. efforts. This is further reinforced by the fact that of my organized Pages the link to Adventures in Blue Board and Foamcore  has gotten far away the largest number of hits with over 14,000

     Of the balance of the top ten posts three are figure reviews;
         Conquest Norman Foot  #6
         Fireforge Teutonic Knights   #9
         Perry's Mounted Knights 1450-1500  #10

     These I had thought would be more popular until just a few minutes ago when I Googled the subject, it seems that I am just one of thousands playing the "unboxing" game. Still I will continue to do them on any new figures that I purchase, I hope that they are received well as I do try to be honest and accurate (being as these are models I intend to add to my collection and not motivated by any commercial compensation).

    And the last two are photo-stories, at number eight an AAR on one of R.U.P's visually stunning Cold War in Africa games; Somewhere In Africa  which I thought odd as all of his games are over-the-top beautiful and at number seven a photo report on Spartacon 2018.
      I was a a bit taken aback by the low ranking of the AAR, all of R.U.P's battle reports were commented on heavily and favorably; even some of my game reports caught the attention of readers enough to get a comment or two.

     These sort of stats seem to indicate that I should stick with the arts and crafts postings but I suspect that the real truth of the matter is that the AARs and figure reviews are more popular than they seem as they are the producer of many more comments. Don't anybody get your hopes up for a better, more organized and streamlined blog. It is going to remain the same part-time stream of semi-consciousness mess that it has always been.

    Thanks again to everybody who has put up with me so far, I hope you continue to enjoy the hobby as much as I do! 


  1. Congrats my old friend. Your blog is one of the best. I have link a couple of RUP's games on my blog. I'm just short of 307K on hits. My Easy eight series has the biggest amount of hit. But some resent one just when nuts. France has been where most of my hits come from.. Looks at this way 1 million isn't too far away

  2. Well done, old man. I'm a relative newcomer to your blog, but have enjoyed it very much: looking forward to your next half million!

  3. Congrats on the milestone!
    I can see how the terrain posts gather more hits over time as people refer back and reread them for the techniques / methodology.
    Keep doing what you’re doing! 😀

  4. Nicely done sir! A well deserved milestone reached. Now heads down for the next half-mil!

  5. Congrats on the milestone Anton, keep up the great work, whatever it may be!

  6. Thank you all for your kind words, I have set up a tab under the header that links to all of R.U.P.'s AARs to honor the tremendous effort he puts into his games as well as to gauge the reader response.

    BTW I read and enjoy all of your blogs

  7. Worth noting that most of R.U.P.'s stuff was from an earlier point in the blog, before a lot of your blueboard craziness that brought on a whole new set of readers. So I wouldn't read too much into those being lower.

    1. This is true.

      All the same I have put all his AARs on a tab, they deserve as much attention as anything else.