Thursday, September 13, 2018

More blue board sabot bases

     So, I was playing around with the Proxxon hot wire cutter and made some more sabot bases . Nothing new with the techniques so I won't bore you with all that. I made them into long narrow irregular shapes to depict troops moving in files through bad terrain or (turning ninety degrees) an infantry line that has become unformed or disordered

marching in poor order

the bases could be strung out one behind another
 to represent following a narrow track or a trail through the woods. 

set out in  line they form a ragged group


  1. Pretty cool idea, I like them. Now if only a good friend would make me some for 25mm round bases;)


  2. They look great, lovely flags as well...

  3. Thanks guys,

    Kevin, what sizes and how many holes per unit? Send a detailed dimensional sketch or I will just wing it ......

    Phil, I can't take credit for the flags; I downloaded them from

  4. A 1 inch hole equal 25.4mm I buy my bases from Warbase with a 5mm hole for a magnet. All my troop use magnetic bases and stand. Magnetic from China are cheap 100 for 7 bucks.