Friday, November 20, 2020

Stocking up for the Holidays with Bastion Games, Opening Black Friday 27NOV20!

       My good friend, Tom from Texas, is going to fulfill a life-long dream of opening a mega hobby shop/wargaming store this coming Black Friday. Long in the making (no thanks to Covid-19!) but well worth the wait! Located on the northwest corner of Woodward Avenue and Long Lake, Bastion Games will bring a top-flight hobby store to northwest Metro Detroit. The shop will stock Games Workshop, Star Wars (all varieties) Reaper, and Dungeons and Dragons as well as a host of other product-lines. The address is 43239 Woodward Ave., Bloomfield Hills MI 48302. The phone number is 248 499 6888 and the website is Bastion Gaming

           A stand-out feature is the availability of complete, fully painted armies that are available for sale. This shop also features a massive gaming hall and three smaller private rooms for specific themed games. Gamers wishing to try out new rules or armies can contact the store about having a game set up to play with their friends. Access to the store's large selection of ready-painted armies and extensive terrain collection makes it possible to run that campaign or mega-game that always seemed impossible. 

        I got a chance to take a sneak-peek as they were putting the final touches on. Let's take a look!

The Lobby

        Here you will find the Featured Game, a display of the terrain and troops that will be used in the game that all will be invited to join in. These games will change on a regular basis and will feature the very best of miniatures and terrain.



The Sales Floor

        Nearly a thousand square feet dedicated top bringing you the games and miniatures that you seek. Role-playing, Fantasy, Historical, Star Wars, 40K, Warhammer and deck-building card games will all be available.




The Ready-Painted Armies
        The store will feature a vast array of ready-painted armies in various scales and genres, buy a figure, or a unit or the entire army! Fill out that gap in your force that you have always been meaning to paint, or just buy that army you have always wanted but never got around to doing.



The Gaming Space

       Over a thousand square feet of adaptable gaming space with three dedicated private gaming rooms available this will be able to host any game you can imagine. Tournaments, open gaming and dedicated large games are all easily accommodated. Too far to travel to go to your buddies house? Meet in between at Bastion Gaming. The store has drinks and snacks available as well as modern clean restroom facilities.


       Please take the opportunity to drop by an see this new venue. You can add you name to store mailing list while you are there so as to be kept up to date on coming gaming events.


  1. Where is the bar? The store in Amsterdam had a bar.

  2. Looks fantastic! I wish him tremendous success.

  3. It looks really super. I wish it were opening 6 months from now, though. Does he plan to do any mail order/online sales as well?

    1. Yes, The intention is to offer most major lines via mail order as well as the painted minis/armies

    2. Good, I think that's wise; I don't see how one could survive with just in person sales.