Monday, May 16, 2022

A few shots from Motor City Mayhem 2022


       I had the opportunity to look in on the Death Or Glory tournament at the Best Western Southfield this past weekend. Motor City Mayhem 2022 was one of the circuit of wargames tournaments hosted by Death or Glory over the course of the year. The tournament was a nine-round, three day long event featuring Warhammer 40K. There were other subjects covered as well; Bolt Action and Age of Sigmar both had tournaments over the weekend. The sheer energy of such a large event was impressive, as were the vast number of beautifully painted armies  in play. Most impressive of all were the army display bases. Some players must have spent nearly as much time modelling the bases as they did assembling their armies.

an Ork Stronghold as a display base

an Age of Sigmar game

another AoS game, simple but effective terrain kept the games moving along

I particularly like the giant tree trunks of the Forest Floor terrain
back to 40K there was this wreck of spacecraft, shattered to pieces on the desert floor
where was this when we were playing Gorka Morka
40K display base, nice lighting effect in the pyramid top

this striking bit of work caught my eye

as did this arena complete with a terrifying "underworld"
and dry-ice to make steam rise from the vents in the arena floor

the display bases just kept getting better.......
...then I saw this guy standing next to his creation!

Matt Arron's project stood about three feet high and was truly a thing of beauty 
(even though I find Chaos creepy) lighted from within and designed to display
 the full strength of his army
truly impressive!
for the first time DoG included historical minis in their program adding a Bolt Action series to the schedule, these games featured armies that were composed of things that I knew the names of
 and some sharp-looking terrain and armies
there was action in the Pacific Theater

as well as the obligatory Normandy village

        Despite it being a tournament with some seriously big prizes for top finishers I never saw anything aside from enthusiasm and energy. I will be attending next year.


  1. Many cool things here. Thanks for sharing.
    Display boards (while awesome) are such an embodiment of a war of escalation; people went from nice fields to 3ft tall LED lit lace towers!

    Ialdd sad I find Chaos creepy. 😀

  2. Nice to see that world has returned to normal. Great looking stuff there.