Friday, May 20, 2022

Updated! Wargames Atlantic 28mm Generic Horses Updated! Size comparisons

       For ages I have had to put up with pricey horses, either to replace ones that were damaged or to provide horse to figures that came without them. At last someone is marketing affordable, good-looking horses, and that company is one of my new favorites Wargames Atlantic.  At long last I can replace the underfed-looking horses in some of my Lace Wars kits with nice powerful steeds. I have had contact with WA and they advise that mounted figures are in the offing (their capacity to have a dozen irons in the fire and still be on top of things never ceases to amaze me). Of course (rather selfishly) I wish for mounted Conquistadors. 

       The multi-part horses themselves are crisply molded in medium gray plastic that shows not a trace of flash and only the faintest of mold-lines. They are cast in left and right halves with separate heads. The horses are modeled with a halter and reins and a cinch-strap around the belly of the model, blankets are cast separately to add as you see fit. Eighteen horses for $35US is a very good deal, I will most likely be buying several more boxes.

box front

the back, pretty much the same, 
there is only so much you can say about a horse I guess

box with contents

sprue, side A

sprue, side B

I love the very characterful faces,
 looks like somebody has been researching Renaissance sculptures

simply top-rate work

       Simply one of the most useful boxes of figures since plastic miniatures entered the market. Superbly sculpted and cast these will find many places in my collection. If you are doing 28mm cavalry of any sort it would be handy to have a box nearby just to add some variety to your units.

       Very Highly Recommended (as in go buy some NOW!).

      Some size comparisons:

assembled horses in front of a 1/4" grid

and standing on the same grid
Old Glory Prussian Napoleonic Dragoon 

Victrix Young Guard Chassuer
Warlord Lace Wars Cavalry

Perry's Prussian Line, Warlord Landwher, and Wargames Atlantic Prussian Reserves

Wargames Atlantic WW1 Germans

Gripping Beast Arab Cavalry, Warlord Jannisary
(very old) Citadel Byzantine General

Brother Vinny

       When veiwing the comparisons keep in mind that there is nearly as much of a size difference between horses as there are between people.That said military organizations (particularly so as we approach more recent times) tended to sort horses by size. From this admittedly small sample the horses do seem to blend rather nicely with a number of different manufacturers.


  1. Very high potential for sure, especially given how expensive metal horses can get. When you get a chance, it would be very useful to see a few assembled next to horses from other manufacturers.

    1. Peachy, That is on my "to do" list

    2. yes yes pretty please!! :-) I'm holding my order until I have seen your side-by-side comparison!

  2. "there is only so much you can say about a horse I guess"

    A horse is a horse, of course of course...

    1. ....unless that horse is the famous Mr. Ed

      but I betray my age by knowing that

  3. Do you think these would fit on 40mm round bases? They're pictured on oval bases, but I'd love to add some variety to the 2 Rohan horse sculpts GW used to make!

    1. They should fit comfortably on a 40mm round, a nose or tail may overhang just a bit but I would have no reservations