Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Wargames Atlantic 28mm Cannon Fodder [2] Females

cover art
       One of the latest releases in the Wargames Atlantic Death Fields range is  Cannon Fodder [2] Females (a name that is unlikely to inspire the morale of the soldiers involved!). I picked these up just the other day from my local brick-and-mortar Michigan Toy Soldier. Despite the grim name this is an excellent set of minis depicting female soldiers in a near-future sci-fi setting.  The minis are cleanly cast in a sturdy gray plastic with no flash and little trace of mold-lines. As has become the standard with Wargames Atlantic sets there is a superabundance of heads and a good selection of poses and weapons. Unlike so many other "grim future of war" sets the weapons are reasonably-sized and look like actual functional firearms. The bayonets might seem a bit silly but would be easy enough to remove. The best feature is that, unlike so many other sets, the figures are depicted as women of realistic proportions and wearing believable uniforms (sorry GW freaks, no near-porn minis here) essentially a match for the ones worn by the Cannon Fodder [1] Males.
back of the box

box with contents 
four identical sprues with six minis each

sprue, side A

sprue, side B

so many faces, and definable as feminine
they avoided the "everybody is shouting" thing that is a feature of so many other kits

enough of each type to equip the entire sprue as one unit

the minis have very realistic poses and proportions 
the uniform sculpt has just enough detail to allow the use of contrast paints
but would reward a proper approach as well

OK, the guns might be a tad on the large size, but not too bad 
not much larger than an FN/FAL

lots of extra kit, I do like the rope and grappling hook

detail is crisp and plentiful

somebody can even get a robotic arm!

       These are perfect for sci-fi militia, spaceship crew or Corporate Security Forces in addition to being the Cannon Fodder that they are labelled as. Another top-notch set from Wargames Atlantic!

        Very Highly Recommended.

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  1. Great review. These ladies would be a great addition to a space opera game.