Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Assembling the Wargames Atlantic S.A.S. figures for 02 Hundred Hours

        I have always believed that it is best to actually do a thing yourself before accepting the word of others. Not that I harbored any real doubts about the quality of the new S.A.S. figures from Wargames Atlantic, but I just had to be sure. So I popped the box open and started freeing the bodies from the sprues and cleaning them up (which, by the way, there was VERY little to do). As I did so it occurred to me that it might be fun to replicate the characters seen on the cards provided with the game (which are illustrated with photos of the minis). Players will be hard-pressed to get confused about which model goes with which card when they are identical! Well, the models lived up to expectations and I had a jolly time recreating the figures depicted on the character cards. 

the brave and resourceful S.A.S. officer

and his tough, no-nonsense sergeant 

a two-man group of troopers

the one-man cards were not exactly reproduced

and there was a kneeling figure that doesn't show on any card
I gave them an azimuthal shot with a rattle-can

which made the detail pop, but that isn't my painting style...

so they got a full-on blast of white primer

you can really see the detail (and the bits that need filler)

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