Friday, March 24, 2023

Landsknecht Ogres

        Frankly I can't recall which brand of "Classic Fantasy" it is that brings us Lansknecht Ogres but that really matter very little at all. What we do have here is another set of interesting and well-thought-out minis from the fertile minds at Wargames Atlantic.  The figures were sculpted with dual use in mind. The High Fantasy club will be thrilled to find all the typical weapons of the Landsknecht; halbreds, arquebuses, two-handed swords and pikes. Weird War Two and Sci-Fi fans will applaud the inclusion of Near-Future/Scf-Fi guns. 

        As far as the models are concerned they are cast in a firm medium gray plastic that displays detail very well. The models exhibit no trace of flash and hardly any mold-lines. There is a wide selection of weapons and the usual superabundance of heads. These are big models, fully assembled they will easily top 40mm tall (but they ARE Ogres). The detail is crisp and accurate to the "Landsknecht" style (I can only dream that WA will get around to some 28mm historical Landsknechts).

front of the box

the back of the box

box with contents 
two different sprue types, one has bodies the other accessories 
these are big, beefy lads! 34mm at the shoulder

sprue 1, side A

sprue 1, side B

tons of evocative faces

clutching the match-cord in their teeth
sprue 2, side A
weapons galore 
sprue 2, side B
good active poses,
I like the bald-headed fellow i the upper right

well-defined detail should be easy to paint

even more fun faces, and the tankard is nice too
all sorts of extra weapons

even more!

        These promise to build up into an excellent set whichever way you choose to use them. I am half-tempted to buy a couple of boxes and include them as units in my 30YW campaign as a race of true giants (my 30YW minis are 15mm, so these guys would be absolutely enormous!). If you are looking to add a unit that has a lot of flash and some serious impact into your gaming these are the guys for the job.

       Very Highly Recommended.


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  1. Fun fellows, filled full of gaming potential…
    Alan Tradgardland