Thursday, March 16, 2023

Sci-Fi Bugs of the worst sort, Harvesters from Wargames Atlantic


       I'm not afraid to admit it; bugs have always creeped me out. Starship Troopers, Aliens, yep, if it has an exoskeleton I don't care for it. Then along comes these minis, they look like something you would find under a microscope infecting an animals skin. At about 30mm tall (depending upon how you choose to position them) they are big for most sci-fi/fantasy minis; huge if you are using 15mm and absolutely gigantic next to 1/300 scale stuff (micro-armor vs giant bugs, anyone?) But enough about my issues, on to the minis!

       The models are molded in a firm gray plastic the takes detail well. There is no trace of lash and very few mold-lines. The break-down of the minis into components allows a great deal of freedom as far as positioning during assembly for the four large bugs on each sprue, the two smaller creatures are one-piece castings (larval forms of the bigger bugs?). There is an option for "ranged bio-weapons" in the form of foreshortened limbs that look suspiciously like cannon with an underslung bayonet. If these are ray weapons, projectile throwers or slime-flingers are up to you and your rules of preference.

the front of the box
the back of the box

box with contents, five identical sprues
sprue, side A

sprue, side B

an array of spiky/choppy arms with the bio-weapon arms in the middle row

and then there are the horrifying faces with multiple sets of eyes

the detail of the exoskeleton are crisply molded

the cute little "baby bug" 
someone step on it please!

more razor-sharp limbs, clearly grown with malice aforethought

       This set has a ton of possibilities, fantasy, sci-fi, near-future apocalypse, and because there are no scale references they can be used against whatever opponent you choose in any scale that you fancy. For a moment I considered using them in a WW2 Skirmish game as Nazi weird-science products (the rest of the group might not forgive for that). If you are looking for some bugs that are out of the ordinary and truly unpleasant to look at these should be at the top of your list!

       Very highly Recommended!!

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