Sunday, February 13, 2011

Not Exactly New (but still very nice)

Some of you may be getting tired of my rantings about the new wave of plastic 28mm figures; if you belong to that group skip this post.

If you like the idea of plastic 28mm figues at a fraction of the cost of metal (along with a significant step forward in quality) read on! Some time back Victrix (website ) brought out their Napoleonic British Artillery set and a wonderful thing it is.

Crisply cast in gray-white plastic they come three frames per box for about forty bucks. Each frame provides a gun, a complete crew and a limber. As you can see from the photos each frame provides a complete choice of gun barrels as well as stovepipe and "Belgic" shakos. The gun and figures are finely detailed with just the smallest hint of flash here and there. The heads come cast into their shakos and are individuals all, with a haughty looking officer in a bicorne to top it all off.

At right around thirteen dollars per gun & crew these are far cheaper than 28mm lead. Highly recommended.

As usual click on the photo for a larger view.

Side A, note the four gun barrels provided

Side B

Heads with the 1812 "Belgic" shako, look at the expressions!

Heads in the "Stovepipe" shako, look at the officer's profile,
you can almost hear him sneering at the the "bloody Frogs"

The uniforms are well deatiled and the figures are well proportioned.

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