Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Back from Texas and getting ready for the Swap Meet

Got in from Texas last night.

Five days straight of gaming, movies and beer; I never thought that I could get tired of gaming but I found myself exhausted. Thanks Tom, it was a grand time!!

I return to find a foot of snow, WTF!!!

Anyways, while gaming my butt off, I had a little time to think and I have decided that there is little chance of me ever finishing most of the projects that clog my "toy room". Thus I will be opening the vault and making available almost all of my collection of "unfinished business". From 1/12 scale plastic figures to 5mm minis and everything in between, I have tons of stuff for trade or sale.

I am looking for 25/28mm Victorian Science Fiction/Back of Beyond, 25/28mm French and Indian Wars, female Pirate figures in 28mm, 1/2400 scale WW 1 cruisers and destroyers, 1/100 scale Cold War helicopters (Soviet or US) circa 1965, 15mm AK-47 Republic  stuff (T-55s, kalishnikov-armed Africans, etc), 28mm buildings that can be used for Mexico/Sicily (you know that red tiled roof and stucco walls look), 28mm Victorian/Wild West buildings. And, of course, CASH.

Anybody reading this and needing to find my house send me an e-mail at; daftrica89 at yahoo dot com and I will reply with my street address so that you can "google maps" me.

Keep Painting!    John


  1. French helicopters are what you are looking for in africa

  2. I was hoping they were using the cool-looking Soviet stuff, French aircraft always look so ungainly.