Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Upcoming Events

Just wanted to freshen up the events calendar;

5MAR11 Swap Meet at my house 1900hrs, gaming afterward (if there is time)
12MAR11 Gaming at my house 1900hrs
19MAR11 Gaming at my house 1900hrs
26MAR11 Battlefields 2011 see this website; http://proorcon.webs.com/ for times and schedule

2APR11 Gaming at my house 1900hrs
9APR11 Gaming at my house 1900hrs
16APR11 Gaming at my house 1900hrs
23APR11 Easter weekend, no gaming
30APR11 Gaming at my house 1900hrs

As usual I am open to anybody who wants to take it upon themselves to run a game, Recently Dan A. ran a GURPS game that was quite fun and rather different (oddly enough my character survived for once). Anyone wishing to set something up give me a call.

The Monday Flames of War group should be meeting on all Mondays at 1900hrs throughout this period.

Also, for anyone who is a shooter I would like to set up a time in the near future when we can all get together at Bald Mountain on a Saturday and fire some of my antiques (and any cool guns you may own).

                                                                                              Keep Painting,  John

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