Thursday, March 3, 2011

I think that I am ready

It took the better part of two hours but I got out my stuff for the swap meet, it is rather sobering when you look at how much "stuff" you can accumulate in forty years;

15mm from Biblicals to Colonials

Plastics from 1/700 to 1/32

25mm/28mm ancients to WW2

More 25mm/28mm

I hope you guys come loaded and ready to deal, I will be pissed if I dug all this out for nothing!


Swap Meet rules
1.     Label your stuff clearly; price, who owns it, etc.
2.     Rule of thumb is trade is set at price for price, i.e. if I paid $11.00 for it I can trade it for something you paid $11.00 for. This is the base-line assumption; if you are willing to be more flexible please state as much at the beginning. Don’t bring stuff for which you want more than current retail; this is a swap meet, not a collector’s fair.
3.     If you are selling for cash please have a placard or tags stating your price. Haggling is O.K. but give everybody an idea of what you want.
4.     Your handshake is your bond, don’t agree to something that you don’t want to go through with.
5.    Do please try to be on time.
6.     There will be a short time set aside at the beginning before trading so that we can all check out what is on offer.
7.     Respect other people’s property, don’t paw through things and bust stuff, make sure you put stuff back where you got it. There is no need to hurry, this is a casual affair. Pottery Barn Rule; if you break it, you just bought it (at full current retail)!
8.     There will some refreshments on hand, but please, do not bring food.


  1. are you setting up more tables or are we just going to work around all your stuff?

  2. I will have the two 30"x8ft tables available as well as the round table at the foot of the stairs and the counter along the wall. I will have the bench and the seats in the corner of the game room as backup, I think we will be OK.

    If everbody brings a ton of stuff we might have to expand to the upstairs.

  3. Pat you know damn well that we're going to end up playing Black Ops all night.