Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Immortal Spartans

Yes, it is me again with yet another reveiw of some fresh plastic minis. This time we will be looking at the new Immortal Minatures plastic 28mm Spartans. This is essentailly the plastic hoplites with additional parts to make Spartans, i.e. four extra sprues that provide new torso and all the bearded-but-no-mustache Spartan heads that you would need to upgrade the lot to Spartiates one and all. As always superlative detail and casting are of evidence throughout. Nice high quality plastic in a neutral color will make assembly and painting a dream.
 Photos after the break....

Click on the photos for a closer veiw;
box front

the back of the box, with all the assembly instructions I think you'll need
Bases and decals are provided, lambdas are pretty dull however accurate they may be
the new sprue with the special Spartan bits
front of the main sprue
rear of the main sprue
you get four sprues of the special Spartan bits
and three of the standard hoplites

All in all I can say that I am vey well pleased and will be buying more. These are well sculpted and posed figures that are very affordable. Hard to beat under any circumstances. They can be purchased from Michigan Toy Soldier (that's where I got mine) website;   or check them out at Immortal Miniatures website; 

If you are at all interested in gaming the Classical Age of Greece you will need some of these lads.

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