Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tentative Feb-Mar gaming schedule

As usual I am open to people offering to run a game, if you are interested in doing so contact me with the date and details and I will enter it on the schedule listed below.

Looks like it is shaping up this way;

5FEB no gaming, I'm going to O'Mara's to hear my favorite Irish band and have a few beers

12FEB 1900hrs at my place, Dan A will be running a Victorian Science Fiction Role PLaying game using GURPS, bring your top-hat (pith helmets optional) and very best stiff upper lip.
Gin&Tonic and Vodka Gimlets will be on hand.

19FEB no gaming, going to Texas to play at Tom's

26FEB my place 1900hrs

5MAR 1900hrs NOTE this will be the swap meet, bring your old toys/cash we will probably play something quick and easy afterward.

12MAR 1900hrs my place

19MAR 1900hrs my place

26MAR 1900hrs my place


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