Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Two Ideas I am working on......

The first is a conversion of Space Hulk rules to a World War One trench raid, there are ton of pretty figures out there and I feel the itch to paint them. The problem being that most WW1 rules suck. My idea is that the raiders would take the part of the Terminator Squads while the defenders play the role of the bugs. I am still working out the details and intend to do the terrain as geomorphic pieces that can rearranged to give different layouts.

The second idea is based on a picture and cryptic desription of a game in a British wargames mag of a hunting Jack the Ripper game. It is only described as very fun and interesting. I am working on a method of hidden movement and reproducing the foggy night streets of old London. This is coming together nicely at the rules levekl, now all I have to do is build a couple dozen buildings and some streets! I am still trying to nail down the whole night time gaslit streets thing, anybody got a line on Lionel scale streetlamps that light up and flicker?

Anybody else working on something off the wall?

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  1. Anton. I have been running a Star Gate Campaign played, of all places, at local game conventions. So far my teams have not connected with any of the traditional TV villains but have located a strange world inhabited by militant birds. Vague contact has been established but both of the attempts to "take me to your leader" have failed. For one thing, the planet appears to be under invasion. For another, there appears to be several gates on the planet. So far no KIA but half of one team were injured exiting a gate during the last operation.
    Still trying to decide whether to use my Arc of Fire SF home rules or THW 5150 rules. Also THW published my Korean War supplement for their NUTS 2nd Edition WWII rules.