Saturday, August 13, 2011

Plastic Soldier Company 1/100 Sherman M-4A1

     Fresh from Michigan Toy Soldier is yet another beauty from the PSC stable this kit presents the cast-hull version of the Sherman tank. This kit is cast with plenty of attention to detail and is crisply done with no flash and nearly invisble mold-lines. Molded in an alarming pink shade there are five sprues each providing the parts for one tank as well as a ton of spare/alternate bits. Priced at $29.95US these are a great deal for such a well done product. That said, on to the product, remember you can click on the photos for a larger picture.

box, front

box, rear

the contents, you can see what I mean about the color

sprue, front

sprue, rear

tank commanders, US and Bitish

Detail of hull top, there is some distortion due to the camera


details, I particularly like the inside face of the track details

     I will have a build report on both this and the M-4A2 models as quick as I can. I do not anticipate any problems based on the experience with the T-34 and PZ-IV. The only gripe that I have with the PSC kits is the lack of decals, how hard would it be to toss in a sheet of basic markings for the models. OK it's not a significant factor but it would certainly be a nice touch.

     Very Highly Recommended.

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