Monday, August 8, 2011

Scenario Design Challenge

    I have a challenge to anybody that is feeling creative out there. I have a table that is designed to be able to set up in different configurations, 6x4, 12x4, 9x6, and an "L" shape using two 6x4 panels (these are, of course, Imperial measurements, nobody could reach the center if it were metric). Using those possible arrangements I am challenging you to design a generic scenario that is balanced, fun and unpredictable.

    This does not mean equal forces, it can be balanced by placing various victory conditions on the attackers/defenders. You can limit it to certain periods or levels of play (e.g. Skirmish) but do try to make it as open as possible. The other requirement is that it be within the reach if the average wargamer, no requirements for a large castle or a 1:1 scale steamship.

     You need to include a clear map and easy to follow troop descriptions as well as clearly explained special rules or victory conditions.

     Send your ideas to me at daftrica 89 at yahoo dot com. Ignore those spaces and the "dot" is of course this "." Title the e-mail "scenario".

     I will play-test the best ones and award a prize to the winner.

Keep painting,  John


  1. what's the prize?

  2. For you, it would be me painting the rest of your 15mm buildings. Or maybe the rest of your current holdings of AK-47 Republic stuff.

  3. you can just assume that all my scenario (which there is no need for me to turn in due to extensive playtesting) will win.... and paint all my stuff anyways.