Wednesday, August 17, 2011

This weekend and other news

I have been cleared to work the Dream Cruise so there won't be a game this weekend.

The knee problem looks like a torn miniscus so there will be a couple of weeks in the near future where I will be sitting at home painting (sigh) after the repair surgery. The doc said he has had people wait a long time before seeing him about an injury, but never 35 years. I have always been a procrastinator.

In other news it looks good for 27 Aug gaming at my place.

Keep painting,     John


  1. they're gonna make you walk around on it this weekend? when you going for surgery?

  2. "...'tis but a scratch...."

    I am not going to exert myself very much, and it IS the easiest ten hours of overtime that you can make.

    MRI is on Wednesday next week and then I set up for surgery (probably mid-September).

  3. cool, can you email me the pictures from the Israeli/PLO game after you post them?