Sunday, June 3, 2012

Armored Cruiser, further details.....

     Having assembled a few details I decided to take a look at them in the altogether and see where else I could go without impairing the playability of the model.

the smokestacks, cranes and ship's boats really crowd the top of the superstructure

which really isn't a problem as the real ships had the same situation

the captain is concerned over the lack of railings

but otherwise he likes what he sees

another point of concern, there are no controls on the bridge

railings in the offing....

spacing them evenly without using a measure of some sort was surprisingly easy

I made the "railing widget" to ensure the stanchions were of uniform height

and this is how it is used, the pins are left standing tall
 and are pressed down to a uniform height by the little step in the widget

looking better....

.......let's see if I can run the lines without going nuts...

it does seem to be getting there

a decent broadside for a small ship

     I will explain the method I used for railings in another post, all I can say now is that it seemed to have worked OK. I know they will be fragile but I think the big step up in appearance will be worth it. Now all I have to do is run the rivet lines and find the paint scheme use in the 1880-1890s. I understand it involves a rather loud shade of orange-yellow for the superstructure!


  1. Smashing!

    Colour schemes for that period vary greatly, generally wood grain on the decks - and varying shades of white, black and grey for superstructures, depending on Nationality

  2. Great work! Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  3. This is really starting to come together. Great stuff!

  4. Great imagination and work.