Wednesday, November 28, 2012

British Regular Infantry for the French and Indian Wars in 28mm from Warlord Games

     I popped by my local Brick&Mortar store the other day and was pleased to find that they had in stock some very nice new models from the ever-prolific Warlord Games. I declined to buy them, even though they were great castings, as I already have hundreds of figures in the period painted and based in 25mm. As a result you will be forced to review the models as I did, through the packaging. Not particularly satisfactory but I'm not springing for figures that I can't use out an altruistic devotion to the hobby.

nice artwork on the front

good photos of the product assembled and painted on the back

    First we will consider the British Infantry, packaged in an attractively illustrated box of adequate sturdiness we find eighteen finely crafted and cast metal figures complete with drummers, flag-bearers, NCOs and officers. These are very well sculpted and have excellent proportions and detail, the kit appears accurate and the poses selected are very good with about half the unit delivering a volley and the rear rank carrying their muskets over their left shoulder. When I was inspecting these figures through the inner clear plastic boxes I could see that they were cast with clearly defined but delicate detail and good active poses (I was dearly tempted to buy them even though they would not fit with my existing collection). These will fit well with other products in the Warlord line as well as other "mid-sized" 28mm figures and form (oddly enough) perfect sized units for the Blackpowder rules set.

rest assured that they look MUCH better in person

they are a full 28mm to the eye

they thoughtfully provide high quality flags with the kit

as well as some potted history

      I give these a Very Highly Recommended thumbs up.

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