Monday, November 5, 2012

This is what 1000 professionally painted 28mm figures look like

OK, OK, this beast COST as much as having one thousand figures painted by a professional studio.

There are times when I hate being a homeowner.

The worst part is that it will be until the 8th of November before the inspectors show up to give it the thumbs-up and I can finish putting my toys back into the store-room!

On the upside I have sorted through a back-log of rules-sets and will be posting them shortly for anybody that wants them.


  1. Should have used Matt varnish, I foresee chipping

  2. yes ... a little bit shiny for my own taste...

  3. Not quite the same! As you say the joys of being a homeowner.

  4. The good thing is you will be warm. Looks like the new furnance is smaller....

  5. You could always melt it down and make several thousand minis.

    Did you try convincing the wife let you just buy enough minis to insulate the house enough so that your body heat could keep the house warm.

    It could use a little dullcoat or flat matte.