Sunday, November 11, 2012

The first of the Freebies

     OK, I have finally gotten my furnace inspected and I am in the process of sorting things back into storage. The first box that came to hand was the one holding a bunch of unfinished projects involving plastic minis. I have moved onto other things and I know these will just never get done so here they are. The groups will not be split up and you (as an individual) can only get one group a week so choose wisely.

All other iems are gone
Unit #9 Italeri Indian Warriors

     The deal works like this; you choose the stuff you want and e-mail me the information at daftrica89 at yahoo dot com with the header "Free Stuff for ME". I will confirm that you are the winner and send you an e-mail back with my address. You then go onto the US Postal Service/UPS/Fedex website to see how much shipping from Warren Michigan to your location will cost. You then mail me a check rounded up to the next highest whole dollar amount and made out to "The USO". Once I get the check I will send your package out in the next week or so. For folks that are uncomfortable with using checks I have a Paypal account, I prefer not to use it as those bandits take a slice off going in both directions and I want to raise as much as I can for my favorite charity.


  1. Will a postal money order work? To avoid checks and paypal.


  2. As long as I can forward it to the USO that should work.

  3. In fact, any sort of money order should work.....

  4. You are a good man for supporting the USO. When Uncle Sam sticks you in an airport for twenty hours waiting for an AMC flight to deploy it's nice having a confortable place to sit, sleep, read, eat, watch tv....thanks to the USO and well you.

  5. Hi Anton!

    As a mark of respect for your great work, and by way of thanks for your comments on my own blog, I have nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award!

    Keep it up and I hope to hear/see more from you soon!

    All the Best

    Colonel O'Truth

  6. Col,
    I am honored that a towering creator such as yourself would find my simple ramblings of interest! Thank you very much.