Wednesday, November 28, 2012

French Regular Infantry for the French and Indian Wars in 28mm from Warlord Games

    As a companion piece to the British troops (reviewed below) I also took a look at the French Line Infantry offered by Warlord Games and Conquest Miniatures (mergers and co-op arrangements seem the de riguer these days in British wargaming circles). These are every bit as attractive as their opponents. A full 28mm to the eye and superbly cast in very fine detail they made me wish that I did not already have hundreds of figures painted in 25mm.

I might be the only guy in the world that cares about box-art, 
but I am pretty sure that artwork this good helps sell minis, 
I just wish I could get prints of the paintings (HINT HINT) 

a well executed back of the box as well

not very easy to see through the protective package but they are very well done minis

the poses and proportions are excellent

flags are provided for six different regiments and are of very good quality

the reverse side provides a bit of potted history

       I really wish these had been around when I was building my collection, they are simply lovely miniatures. I would Very Highly Recommend them to anyone building a FIW ir 7YW French army.


  1. Good find, thanks for posting.
    I already do Fiw in 15mm but this got me thinking in doing 28mm.

  2. I was tempted to pick up some. But again I got Normans,Saxons and ton of Nappies to paint. Wonder why I bought Musket and Tomahawk rules...

    1. Nappies eh, doing armies or just for skirmish?

    2. Nappies 28mm for both armies and skirmish. Tons of 15mm hertiage napolenettes, both paints and not..

    3. It would be really great if we can start building some armies again like we had in the old days. The vast majority of the Nappies we had in the group went with Tom Farries when he left town.

      Any particular army you want to build first 28s or 15s? I'll help out with building some opponents for what you may want to start with.

      I have some 15mm Austrian's and a few 15mm prussians foot. I've been hankering to do some 28s for nappies also.

    4. Gary, I have a ton of Indians and plenty of other FIW stuff if you would like to set up a game I would be happy to provide the minis.

  3. Kool.
    I have an large Austrian army, French Army, Medium Russian Army, and Good size British army & small amount of Prussians. Already painted, plus pile of unpainted French, Brits and Austrian still in the original Hertiage packs.

    In 28mm started Austrians, a few Brits started. Austrians, French and Brits in boxes from Victrix & Perry plastic. Metal foundary was armys.

    The 15mm have been all rebased for Lasalle. But will for Empire to Republic or Black powder. I have a pile of Nappies rule collected our the years. Plus Sharpe's Practice which looks like a great skirmish rule.

    Drop me an email so we can over it.

  4. Oh forgot. A complete painted Polish army. A million years ago when I played with Bob Webb and Lynn Jelchin. Was told to make a polish army because everyone else had the period covered,

    1. Old Sarge, are those Prussians 1813-15 or the earlier period? I have a full Prussian Brigade organized for 1813 plus some spare Landwher and cav.

    2. John, They are the late 1813-1815. Some have started to be painted. and another pile in my nappie part box not primed.