Saturday, December 1, 2012

Musket and Tomahawk 32mm(40mm?) French and Indian War figures

     Well, perhaps a little more or less than 32mm (they might even be 40's), I didn't have a metric scale when I was taking a look at these.Aside from the size thing these are some stunning figures, I mean STUNNING. The poses, proportions and detail is over the top. As the are intended for use in a low-level skirmish game it probably isn't a big deal about the size and it looks like they produce a comprehensive range of minis.

front of the box

back of the box

the contents of the box

size comparison vs Warlord Games, maybe those ARE 40mm 

some of the contents, beautiful figures all, my the only concern that I have is that some of the figures have separate arms lacking pins, in my experience this doesn't last long in wargaming

more minis, good active poses with crisp detail

      So there they are, some lovely figures indeed, it is a bit sad that they are in a scale that does not mix with the other dozen or so manufacturers of FIW products, but that may be on purpose. If I were starting out and looking at only painting fifty to a hundred figures total I would love these; there is detail and personality to these minis that you won't find on anything but the very best 28mm. These will certainly reward careful painting and be visually appealing on the table.  Highly Recommended!

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