Friday, December 7, 2012

Zvezda Soviet T-26 Flamethrower tank 1/100 15mm

      Having given the Germans a flame-tank Zvezda took a turn at making one for the Soviets. There probably more of the T-26 variant made than the PZ III version now that I think about it, the Russians were at the cutting edge of experimentation for most of the thirties. This little gem is molded in hard dark-green plastic and is replete with delicate detail. It is a snap-tite kit and will go together quickly and with little fuss, do be careful with the tracks as they are delicate and could break if forced. This little beauty is available from my local brick-and-mortar in person or via the internet.

the box art, not much to work with as almost all early-war Soviet stuff was just green, 
but nice all the same

the rear of the box, with the detailed assembly instructions

the contents 

front of sprue

yes I am going to get all woozy over the detail,
 keep in mind that the part in this picture is probably four or five times larger
 on your screen than it is in real-life!

you can see the leaves in the leaf-spring!

     Another bit of first-rate work from Zvezda, now if they would only do the rest of the early T-26 series.

    As usual, Very Highly Recommended


  1. I'll be grabbing one of these to go with the regular T-26s. Zvezda are putting out some top notch 15mil stuff these days.

  2. Their scale display models are beautiful, I am glad they carried the attention to detail over into the "toy" gaming models, these could very easily have ended up like the Axis and Allies models