Friday, December 14, 2012

Plastic Soldier Company T-70 Russian Light tank in 1/100 15mm

     I spotted this box at Michigan Toy Soldier a while back and bought it right away. Once I opened it I was delighted to find that PSC had lavished their usual attention to detail on this this tiny model. Cleanly cast in a light olive plastic this kit provides five models of this very common Soviet tank. At last I can finish that Soviet light tank horde that I was working on!

box art is OK, not a lot of choice in camo schemes with Soviet stuff

painting suggestions, yup, its all green!

the contents


parts list on reverse

sprue side A

sprue side B

ooh. look! details.......

the driver/commander/gunner he was a busy fellow! 
check out the bolts on the idler wheel

clear but delicate details abound

     Anybody playing Mid to Late WW2 Soviets should have a dozen or so of these, they were widely used on the Eastern Front. The model promises to go together easily and the paint scheme is a no-brainer so they will hit the gaming table quickly.

     Very Highly Recommended!

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  1. I have had these for a few weeks now. Their great little models. But beware of the back of the tracks. There are large ejection pins on the back that need to be cut off. Right now I have five painted. Just need to weather them and put a some type of russian marking on them. Also working on their Tigers. The problems witht the tigers is that the turret has a large gap around the edges.