Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Plastic Soldier Company Tiger I 1/100 scale 15mm

     I have had this kit for a little while but have finally gotten around to doing a review of it. At first glance it is a beauty, as well as second and third glance too! Cleanly molded in a a panzer-yellow plastic this kit comes with the parts for early/mid/late production models. I will leave it for the rivet-heads to nit-pick the tiny details, to my wargamer's eye these neatly fit the bill for all my Tiger I needs. Plus the kit will generate quite a few spare parts to dress up my older models from other manufacturers. But enough of my prattling on; here are the photos!

the box cover, artwork is an improvement over other recent releases,
 but this IS the biggest box they use

the back, decent painting ideas and color suggestions

the contents

instructions, color-coding was a brilliant idea

the other side of the sheet, still a tad vague

sprue, side A

sprue, side B

mmmmmmmm, details, what can I say? 

more details, gotta love it

the top deck detail is very nice!

can't get enough rivets on the road wheels 

     They are detailed as well as any other PSC kit and that is saying a LOT. Old Sarge says there are some fit issues with the top of the turret so give it a dry-fit or two before gluing and have some putty handy, hopefully it was only an issue with his kit. These are available in person or on the internet from Michigan Toy Soldier

     Very Highly Recommended.

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  1. Nice review. I'll definitely be headed over to Old Sarge in a minute to check out the assembly. One minor note, 15 mm is akin to 1/107, not 1/100. For wargaming it rarely makes a difference.

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