Saturday, December 8, 2012

Plastic Soldier Company ZiS 2/3 guns set in 1/100 15mm

    Fresh from PSC we have their kit of the ZiS 2/3. This builds either the 76mm field gun/anti-tank gun or the 57mm dedicated (and far more lethal) anti-tank gun. Molded in a green-khaki plastic this kit is devoid of flash and comes complete with a crew for each of the four guns in the kit. The kit contain enough extra barrels and wheels to correctly portray four copies of either gun, as well as boxes of ammo, no doubt that the spare parts will be put to use by creative games and scratchbuilders. Available in person or over the internet from Michigan Toy Soldier.

front of the box

back of the box, painting instructions apply largely to the crew because the gun is green

the contents

sprue side A

sprue side B

     At right around $25.00US this kit is creeping toward the price of metal kits (possibly higher than the Old Glory 15mm range) but the quality is first rate and I would choose them for that alone. Another big hit from PSC this should be very popular with gamers as you don't have to add gunners to your purcahse.

     Very Highly Recommended>

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