Monday, December 3, 2012

Zvezda 1/100 15mm Matilda MK II

     I somehow missed these when they first came out but there they are; the first of the new Zvezda releases for the expansion of the Art of Tactic game (can't say I am into the game but these "playing pieces" they are making are great). The Matilda Mk II was the mainstay of the British Infantry tank force for the first half of WWII and the folks at Zvezda have done it proud. The kit is molded in a hard light tan plastic with not the faintest hint of flash and only the finest of mold-lines. The detail is crisp and clear.

box art is good

rear of the box provides complete assembly instructions

the contents, actually there is a card for the Art of Tactic game and some advertising,
 but I am betting you don't care about that stuff

sprue A front

sprue A back

sprue B front

sprue B rear

     It is easy to leap from superlative to superlative when reviewing these kits, the quality of casting and fineness of detail are simply superb. There are many companies out there offering products that come nowhere near close to these quality but want thrice the price. Choose wisely, but you can bet where my money is going.

     Very Highly Recommended.


  1. John,
    I got five of these models put together. And have the first coat of paint on them for 8th Army. The only problem so far to the main gun barrels. They bent a little to easy.

    The SdKfZ 222 is a dream, but hard to put together if you have fat fingers. So far I have five put together. Plus 5 more to assembly.

  2. They didn't have the 222 at Michtoy when I was there, I need at least four or five, what a deal five bucks vs fifteen each!

  3. Got mine from the warstore. He has the best price. But most of the items are out of stock. I just click the notify button. FRP has the items in stock all the time but the shipped is a killer. Unlike The Warstore one price shipping.