Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Zvezda AEC Matador British heavy truck in 1/100 15mm

     One of the most common heavy trucks of the UK's armed forces this vehicle served on many front throughout the Second World War. Zvezda has done an excellent job of bringing this workhorse to wargamers at a very affordable price ($5.00US) and in beautiful detail. There was a time when a "snap together" model meant that the kit was some ugly, ill-fitting parody of a famous vehicle. Zvezda had killed that paradigm with their series of 1/100 scale gaming models. and this one is a beauty even by those standards. Flawlessly cast in a medium tan plastic this kit captures the look of the ungainly original to perfection.

box art front

rear of box, sadly missing the instructions, this kit could actually use them

the contents

sprue A, front

sprue A, back

the wood planking and cloth panels are faithfully rendered

sprue B, front

sprue B, rear

    As a wargamer I have often shied away from buying trucks and other soft-skins due the cost of models with limited combat value. These kits allow a gamer to afford a proper logistical train and prime-movers for his guns and supplies, I only hope they get around to the US 6x6. Remeber also that the Brits never built an APC so their grunts often rode into battle (or as close as they dared to get in a soft skin) in trucks like these.

     An excellent choice of subject and an excellent model.

     Very Highly Recommended.

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