Wednesday, December 5, 2012

28mm American Frontier Blockhouse from Architects of War

     I popped by my local brick-and-mortar hobby shop today to find on display this nifty log structure blockhouse. Molded in a hard gray-brown resin this kit has a cast metal doors and ladder. The detail is good and the top and second story are removable so that the entire interior is accessible for skirmish games. This goes perfectly with the French and Indian Wars figures reviewed a short while ago and is large enough to work with the Tomahawk and Musket figures. Architects of War also produce a log cabin and Dark Ages farmhouse in 28mm.

the box

the Blockhouse, good detail and parts fit

metal door-frame, door and ladder

      This is certainly quicker that trying to build one up using dowel (and probably sturdier as well) and will fit into many FIW scenarios, for those of more esoteric tastes structures like this were common on Russia;s eastern frontier during their long period of Eastward expansion.

     Highly recommended.


  1. I noted that nothing is posted on the Upcoming games list. No games in December?

    1. I fixed that, sorry, as always I'm running behind!