Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Look at R.U.P.'s Dystopian Wars Kingdom of Britannia minis

   These appeared briefly in an earlier post and I promised to get a better look at them so here we go; Rich Uncle Pat tends to go "all-in" on anything that catches his fancy so when he decided to get into the Dystopian Wars game from Spartan Games he picked up a very large collection of minis and had them professionally painted by Cornish Mikey's Painting Service. He also purchased the specially made case for the minis to put them in. All in all a very well put together arrangement. The painting work is excellent (see the photos) and R.U.P. reports that the turnaround time was very good (particularly as it was going from Cornwall to Michigan). Enough of all that, on to the eye-candy!

the Avenger class fleet carrier, a vast and powerful ship

the mighty Ruler class battleship

Vanguard class submarines, submerged and surfaced

Bastion class escorts

Tribal class cruisers

the coolest model of the lot (to my mind) the Eagle class war rotor

it is bloody huge

but not as large as the Illustrious class sky fortress

the very definition of floating firepower; the Majesty class dreadnought

 a Brunel class mobile airfield 

 the Hood class battlecruiser

the defiantly ornate Sovereign class land battleship

 Cromwell class bombard, MK II class tank, terrier class small tanks

       The other lines of ships and vehicles from Spartan Game fantastically imagined alternate history are every bit as detailed and well made. If VSF is your cup of tea you might very well need to take a look at their product line. Recommended, indeed!