Sunday, June 30, 2013

Two Beauties from Zvezda 1/100 scale KV-II and Infantry Tank Matilda MK I photo reviews of kits

     These have been sitting around the workshop for a bit so I apologize for this "late breaking" news. Zvezda has once again produced a pair of excellent models, both have the fine detail that has come to be the standard associated with this company. Both models capture the look of the originals very well, one massive the other tiny.

     First we will look at the KV II

top notch box art, as usual

good photo views of the assembled kit on the back

the contents

sprue A, front

sprue A, back

sprue B, front

sprue B, back, notice the rivets on the bottom of the hull

one piece track assemblies make the wargamer in me happy,
 these even have a bit of sag in the top run as well as plenty of rivets

     And now the Matilda MK I

the box art is well executed

assembly instructions on the back of the box

the contents

sprue front

sprue rear

well detailed hull top

the turret and tracks are very nice as well

     Both of these kits retail for about $4,59US and I got mine from Michigan Toy Soldier. I don't think you can get better models of these at any price, much less at a comparable price. If you want a model of either I would highly recommend that you take a good look at these kits.

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  1. The way the tracks are attached to the sprue, the Matilda ends up needing a lot of fiddly cleaning that can only end in cursing when the you accidentally cut through one of the tracks in the process. I agree though, that Zvezda makes excellent models, and this unpleasantness with the design of the Matilda I sprue is an exception rather than the rule. E.g., the KV-2 is brilliant.