Thursday, July 21, 2016

Perry's British Infantry, a thing of beauty

At long last the Perry Twins have released Victorian era British Infantry in pith helmets. Quite simply they are beautiful. Crisply cast in medium gray plastic in the natural poses that are the hallmark of Perry Brothers work these figure fill a void that stood empty too long. I can say that I am simply delighted. Beyond the superb quality of the figures and the great subject matter, we get a pair of finely sculpted dogs as well!

the front of the box

the back

the contents, one sprue of bases, two of command and six of infantry,
and a very informative instruction booklet

page one


very helpful assembly instructions

and a handy selection of flags,
 I love the Perry's booklets they are often more helpful than large
 expensive books when it comes getting figures painted

command sprue side A

command sprue side B

lots of stiff upper lip to be seen here

lovely little details

and one fine looking, in scale, dog!

grunts side A

side B

characterful faces and lots of spare heads,
I can see these turning up on all sorts of scratchbuilding projects

very nicely done indeed

the real advantage of plastic over metal,
scale sized weapons instead of shoulder-cannons

more great faces

and relaxed natural poses,
they look almost as if they were taken from photos of people standing about at a re-enactment

Wholeheartedly recommended!


  1. Very good review, thank you. These just made my list.

  2. 12 heads per five bodies? I guess everyone needs more bits... thanks for the review.