Sunday, March 5, 2017

A Return to the Lace Wars, and a final unit of fooot

      I have been too long lost in the wilds of Neulandia and neglected my work her. To remedy this I spent a few hours finishing the final unit of Foot. They are British Fusileers. I do like they way they turned out the red coats are striking. I also have assembled and primed two units of Horse (hopefully you will soon be making their acquaintance). As always these are  painted with Americana Colors from Hobby Lobby and given a dark wash using Future Floor wax.

assebling the firing poses drained my energies,
 I ended up with pretty static poses for the officers and drummers

despite this I do like the way the unit looks

they look solid and confident


  1. Very nice, you can still get the figures from Warlord, in the UK?


    Warlord is releasing the old WF figs I believe.

  3. Splendid British Fusileers, what a beautiful uniform...and paint brush!

  4. I blush at your praise; They are well-sculpted figures that are a breeze to paint. That they were the last of the foot units lifted my spirits as well!