Friday, March 24, 2017

Lace Wars Part XV Austrian Cuirassiers

     Despite many distractions I have been plugging away at my Lace Wars Project and have gotten another unit of Horse finished. These are Austrian Cuirassiers. Solid and dull-looking compared to the last unit they would look at home on a Thirty Years War battlefield. It seems that the Austrians were one of the last nations to give up on the armored helmet. I love the look and had to incorporate at least one unit in my project.

resplendent in his gilt-edged armor the standard bearer awaits his flag

 a few nations still used the pistol to introduce the melee 

maybe it is just the paintjob , 
but they sure look like they mean business

they would also occasionally charge right away  

when I finally get around to the standards is when these units will really pop!

deep, dense columns were the order of the day

    These were built from the same kit as the last unit of Horse. The WSS editions were very flexible  when it came to customizing your units. I like them a LOT!

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