Thursday, March 23, 2017

More Completely Different things.....

     Well, actually these are very similar to the paper boats that we looked at a short while ago. But they are different all the same; scale, era and publisher are all different from our last look at tiny paper boats. Once again we rely on the nimble fingers of Joe for the assembly and review of the goods. These models come from Eric Hotz of Hotzmats (or would that be the other way around?). They are available through the Wargame Vault or direct from Hotz Mats  as PDF downloads. They come ready to print, already in color, just add some cardstock and grab your scissors and glue.

     Joe reports that they are easy to moderate to assemble and have good instructions. With around forty-five different models covering everything from Romans to Carthaginians as well as merchant ships, Marc Anthony's fleet and barbarians all in a consistent 1/300 scale you could fill your imaginary Mediterranean Sea with fleets at very low cost. Of course these models can be crewed with widely available 1/300 figures. Hotz also produces buildings, fortifications, port facilities and rural structures to fill in landmass you might include in your games. Hotz also produces a set or rules to go with the models; these are hex-based and Joe states that they are on the complex side

        With his usual enthusiasm Joe printed out and assembled a small portion of the models available which we will see below. He told me that it takes about an hour to transform the printout into a ready-to-play model. I could only wish that I could paint minis anywhere as quickly!

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