Thursday, April 6, 2017

Lace Wars Part XVI; This is my BOOMSTICK! The beginnings of the artillery

     Having gotten the Foot out of the way, and made a small dent in the Horse what could be next aside from some artillery? A long while back I reviewed the WSS artillery set from Wargames Factory, so I dug out the assembled models and  began working on them. A few hours later I had a solid base coat on them and was feeling quite happy with things. I pulled out the crews and have started on them as well. These cannon are HUGE and give a good impression of the size of the older style guns that were still in use in the 1690s-1700s.

there were two guns with crew and a mounted officer in the original Wargames Factory box,
 I haven't seen what Warlord Games has done with this set (or the price)

the models are nicely detailed but the crews are made to realistic human proportions 
(which leaves them frightfully thin by 28mm figure standards)
BTW the first person that recognizes the AoD quote in the post title and correctly provides (in the comments section) me the next two sentences wins one of these beauties complete with crew!


  1. Army of Darkness
    It's a 12 gauge, double-barreled Remington. S-Mart's top of the line.

    1. Superb!email me your address and if you want a long-barreled gun or a short-barreled gun and you shall have your reward! put BOOMSTICK in the title

    2. Splendid! Long barrel please.
      Michael Mathews
      W2395 Snowberry Dr.
      Appleton, WI
      USA 54915

      Google and YouTube are my friends.

    3. I have to let the matte coat dry, the gun and crew should be in the mail by tomorrow afternoon

  2. Mr. Matthews, your gun and crew have been shipped out to you. I hope you enjoy them.

    1. All I can say is, Wow! Just, wow! They came yesterday and I am so impressed with your painting style, especially the faces. Thank you so much. We do a lot of Imagi-Nation gaming so they will fit in perfect.

    2. I am glad that you like the minis, I have a rather different style than most painters, some care for it, others not so much. It works for me.

      Also I have to support the fans of Army of Darkness, one of the greatest adventure movies ever made!