Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Lace Wars Part XVIII artillery and crews completed

     Ignoring the lovely weather I stuck to my guns (deliberate bad pun alert) and got the crews finished. There is a surprising amount of fussy little details on the figures which slowed things considerably. In the end they were completed and will soon join the ranks of  Caribbean Sea circa 1700 forces. Eventually I will have enough to run the giant game/campaign that has been haunting my dreams since these minis were released.

     All that aside here are the guns and crews.

 an undercoat of olive gives the gold paint (which is translucent) 
just the right touch of green for the bronze  effect

with the options available in the kit you can make some distinctly different looking crews, 
throwing in all the extra heads from the boxes of foot gives even more options
I wonder if anybody had gunners in Grenadier hats???

careful use of the parts also allows you to have many options in posing the minis

I particularly like the flat hats, i'm not sure why

although the ones with the side turned up have a rakish look

hilariously, the bare-headed figure looks exactly like one of my old bosses,
this unit will always suffer a -2 Leadership

what fun are cannons without a fort?

 actually the guns at Fort Matanzas were mounted on trucks like naval cannon

but it sure looks cool