Monday, April 10, 2017

Lace Wars Part XVII; Further progress on the Artillery

    I had a couple of hours so I sat myself down and worked on the guns and their attendant gunners. Having dug around in my sources it seems that blue coats with red facings was a common uniform for artillerymen of the day. I decided to paint my first batch of gunners in that livery. The white-primed figures allowed me to wash on a very dark blue and get instant highlights on the figures coats. I then went in and painted the flesh, facings and details. Looking at the sombre colors of the crews made the cannon look like Christmas ornaments so I gave the guns a dark brown wash to tone down the color and made the barrels look more like bronze than gold.

the best part is that I still have three more boxes of guns

after the brown wash the guns looked a bit too dark 
so I very lightly dry-brushed some Antique Gold on them to make the details pop

the guns have turned out to my liking
there is still a  lot of work to do on the artillerymen

a very soft drybrush of steel over the ironwork may be in order
the real obstacle to finishing this project is the dozen buttons per figure times twenty-four figures 
that is a LOT of buttons

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