Saturday, December 1, 2018

Of Course I Fell For It!

free stuff that isn't really free, OK, I'm a sucker

      You have to hand it to Warlord, they are pretty good at marketing. They bring out Cruel Seas, a new rule-set and the attached models and then they give away just enough of the models to get your attention. I mean, I was going to buy the magazine anyways but then I noticed that you get a choice of the British MTBs OR the German E-boats. Obvious answer; buy both copies! So I did, Warlord wins big time but from my point of view I got $36.00US worth of product for $18.00US of cost and I can give the spare magazine to one of my wargaming buddies. The real question now is; Was it worth it?

     Long ago (I'm talking nigh unto 40 years here) Heller brought out a series of E-boats and Vospers in 1/400 scale. My friends and I were playing Fast Attack Boats by Yanquinto and having a jolly time with it. I thought that I could easily convert the 1970s rules backward to handle the fights in the Channel. Time passed and I never got around to it. This same cycle occurred again when Skywave brought out their line of 1/700 scale models a few years later. Again I never got this off the ground (mostly because I couldn't manage the tiny parts with my sausage-sized fingers). Since then I have lost track of my copy of Fast Attack Boats and just let that idea drift away along with so many other almost started projects. 

     Now Warlord has brought out a new line of minis and rules to match. I can't speak to the rules as I have not had a chance to look at them yet but I can only hope that they are up to the standard of the models. While not  having a chance yet to examine them in reference to detailed drawings I can say that they are cleanly cast in a light gray plastic and look great. You get two different models on each sprue cast as a one-piece hull with the guns and torpedoes to be added.

the torpedo boat and the gun-bus versions of the British  boats

 the detail is delicate and well-cast

I think that one is an E-boat and the other an S-boat but my memory is vague

beautifully molded and cleanly cast

the only flaw was the loss of a superstructure bit on the nearer boat to the right of the picture, doubtless from some rough handling in the bag 
my fault for not checking before I opened the bag and lost the part

     I find myself praying that the rules have some detail and granularity unlike the horrid Blood Red Skies which pairs lovely models with truly uninspiring rules


  1. They are really nice, the only issue I have are the Vosper masts which are atrocious, far too thick, the wrong shape, and much too tall. I'm trying to put something together to replace them

  2. Me to.... One for the Christmas list.
    I worry about a 4x4 table once you add in some of the larger craft, but itching to give them a try.

  3. "I think that one is an E-boat and the other an S-boat but my memory is vague"

    They are both Schnellboat's, one is early version and one is later version. E-Boat is just what the British called them E for enemy boats.

    I've got a collection of these and played Flaklighter from PT Dockyard.

    I am definitely getting a collection of these, I know this because the Christmas Elf told me so;) The only thing I hated about those A-holes at Warlords is that they didn't release the merchant ship until the day they started shipping pre-orders, thus forcing you to have to order 50 plus pounds again to get free shipping.