Monday, April 4, 2022

Wargames Atlantic 28mm Panzer Lehr

        Among the many units in the German army that laid claim to the status of "elite" few had a better claim than Panzer Lehr. Composed of veteran  (and very often decorated) soldiers drawn from German forces these troops were first assembled into a school unit but ended up being thrown into the maelstrom of combat that was the Normandy Campaign. Almost destroyed there they were withdrawn only to be used in the ill-fated Ardennes Campaign known to the Western Allies as The Battle of the Bulge. A distinctive part of their dress was the panzer-style crossover jacket rather than the usual infantry blouse. This set is molded in the now-standard soft gray plastic that provides a smooth finish and displays detail very well, no flash and very little by way of mold lines ca be seen. 

          Included in this set is the full array of Late War German infantry small arms; rifles, pistols, SMGs  and the ever present MG42. You get a bit of anti-tank ability with the included Panzerfausts and there is even enough spare parts to assemble these models as Panzer crews (seen fighting on foot at the Battle of Arnhem). There is even a jerry-can!

        The proportions and posing are natural and effective and the modeling of the uniform captures the comfortable loose fit of the German gear. Molding of the weapons is precise and crisply detailed,

the box cover

 the back of the box

some rather nicely painted minis
(I very much prefer this to box-art!)
the box with contents, five identical sprues 

 sprue side A

sprue side B

the deeply draped fabric will make painting these much easier 
the kit provides lots of arm and weapon options 

 and, of course there are lots of head choices

 lots and lots of head choices

 both the poses and proportions are effective and natural

no hands the size of Easter hams here
        Once again Wargames Atlantic has found a gap in existing lines and injected (pun intended) themselves into the market. This is a great addition  to other 28mm lines and the figures are sized to mix well with  Warlord and other lines (although I would have to say that the sculpting on this product is clearly superior). 

        Very Highly Recommended!


  1. Gotta say, I'm tickled pink by the prospect of modeling a guy duel-wielding wrenches.

    It's this kind of concentrated power of memes that sets Wargames Atlantic a cut above the rest.

  2. Now, if he had a breaker-bar and a 10mm socket it would be perfect!