Friday, August 26, 2022

28mm Sci-Fi Brits, Bulldogs from Wargames Atlantic


front of the box
       Fresh from Wargames Atlantic is another entry in their Deathfields series of science-fiction soldiers based on historical units. Clearly inspired by 1870's British uniforms these are delightful figures. They remind me of the old Games Workshop unit, but are more flexible and far cheaper than GW stuff. Molded in the now familiar soft (not flexible, just not brittle) gray plastic they have superb detail and no trace of flash, mold-lines are barely visible.  As usual there are a vast selection of heads wearing anything from berets to metal helmets with gasmasks. A good selection of weapons are provided with standard rifles for just about everyone (officers don't carry rifles, they are there to inspire) and a choice of squad support weapons that, to my guess, are a submachinegun, a light machine gun, a heavy blaster and a flamethrower. But, this being Sci-Fi, you can call them whatever you wish. All of the figures and weapons are crisply cast with natural poses for the minis and good depth to the detail which will help in painting them.

back of the box

box with contents
sprue, side A

sprue, side B

lots of weapon choices, I love the revolver
and of course tons and tons of heads, 
the face with the beret and cigar cries out for an Arnold torso to be put on....
where are those old Catachan minis?

great characterization on the other faces too

it is tempting to build a model with the subgun in one hand 
and that crazy huge revolver in the other hand
pith helemts and gas-masks, Jules Verne and H.G. Wells here we come!

the heavy blaster rig is truly huge compared to the other weapons

the breakdown of the figures into legs/torsos makes it possible to have every mini a unique figure 

       Another great addition to Wargames Atlantic's Sci-Fi range with loads of application outside their specific genre. I might just pirate the picklehaub heads from the Great War Germans and start my own Death Korps collection. At about a buck thirty a figure I could have a huge army in no time!

      Top-notch work once again by Wargames Atlantic, if you are contemplating getting into Sci-Fi, or Victorian  Steampunk these are a perfect place to start. 

       Very Highly Recommended!!!!


  1. HEY, you could make these with the doughboy helmets and then we could do the All Quiet on the Martian Front Game with 28mm infantry. I think the walkers are big enough for the Martian side so all we would need is the American Infantry.

  2. I will build them if you are willing to paint them........

  3. Well anonymous, I unfortunately just found the blasted 28mm Bavarians I promised I would paint for Anton, so they are back on my to do list. Behind the Ancient Chinese (there were a lot of them back then too). And the tag end of my Babylonians, and the last hurrah of the Carthaginians (just one unit left and they are done). So it would be some time before I got around to painting these figures. I will do it ... eventually.